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tartan_films's Journal

Tartan Film Fans Inc.
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This community is fairly simple and thus far brand spankin' new. I am looking for a group that is interested in foreign films of any kind really. I made this mostly about Tartan Films because they have shown me that they are far superior to any other foreign film distributor. With the amount of amazing films I have seen from them which is not limited to what I have listed in interests I just had to find just the right group to discuss all that is Tartan. Please stick to the topic here...foreign films. If it has just a hint of foreign within your post then all is well. If stupid posts that have nothing to do with what I'm trying to accomplish the post will be deleted. Constant posting as such will result in the inevitable ban. I am looking for a co-mod as well seeing as I have no idea about computers really. I put most my personal time into Movies and my social life though I do have enough time to maintain this group and I hope to see it prosper. Other than that...ENJOY!